Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do You Think I'm Judgmental?

Recently, some of my dear friends implied that I might be a bit judgmental. I was, of course, shocked and dismayed. Then I considered the sources of this strange accusation.  And I had to decide whether or not they were judgmental people making these judgments about my judgmentalness. Then I decided that since I loved them dearly, it was ok that they might be so crude as to make such a horrendously erred and flawed conclusion about my personality. Then I considered whether or not I still loved them anyway, even though they might be erred and flawed. Because if I loved them, that must mean they're good people, (if erred and flawed) and if they're good people, maybe they might be right about the nature of my judgmentals. But, that thought was a little scary for me. So then I thought: Are they? Are they good people? How do I know? And then I thought about all the things I know about these people. Their various acts. And deeds. And accomplishments. And convictions. Their senses of humor. And their funny ways. And I thought about the way they walk. And the way they sit in a crowded room. From across the room. And I thought about what I think every time I see these people. The first thing that comes to mind whenever we meet. Then I decided. They're alright. They're pretty alright. Yeah, they're pretty good, alright people. Yeah, they're pretty great.

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