Friday, June 8, 2012


whatever we take on, we do so to manage. to take underneath our leaping. to show off to no one unusual. we do it to keep up. to make waves, to learn as we go along. we take this as tenuous. as tentative. it is a blatant attempt to mimic. but then – also to complete. to mouth at the other in device. in mechanic.

we take our muscle and tuck it. sometimes, we ask advice. more often, we need little impetus to bend with force. to mock ourselves. the day passes by. and it’s amazing. not what happens – but what doesn’t happen. how we move around one another, fiddling host of electrons remembering our locations in proximity to other housings. to other cycles of motion.
on a good day, we make up the audience. sometimes, accidental witness. sometimes, muse.
on a bad day, we mean to elicit, to spark. or at least – to cast doubt.

                        “And then the second boot falls.
                                                               And then a third, a fourth, a fifth.”
-          Richard Siken

this, though, is certain:  motion.
                          with or without agreement.

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