Saturday, November 6, 2010

"what are you?"

i can't win with the ethnicity stuff. answer your question, it's a personal betrayal. don't answer your question, i risk you rolling your eyes and saying "good lord woman, what's the big deal?"

but that's exactly what i think when people ask me this. i think ... what's the big deal? and it makes me feel very strange.

so here it is. for the record:


i'm the lost child of a glacier chaser. my poor papa lost me in a sledding and i was raised by wolves. i tried to teach them my icelandic tongue, but they had roots in detroit. they just weren't down for it. so they swallowed my native language one night under a full moon and now i can't remember...where i'm from. next thing i knew...

i was buying superman icecream at the corner liquor store, the chilly blue of which reminded me of a home i knew long ago and far away.


Anonymous said...

long ago. long forgotten memories come to the fore, thanks to you, and your poetic lore. flat fields of cotton and leather skinned folk, in the age of John Deer, still using a yolk. Thank you, Francine.

ScryptKeeper said...

in many tongues.