Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the rain, its cheek.

chasing off the run of summer, has its way. has wound down and the cool kicks where the soft edge of buildings, most vulnerable. chins. kneecaps. summer's groin. the wind is steel-toed, soft spoken. the leaves cover bodies like handprints. as if to say, was here. is here. is all over you.

autumn, a touchy tom. peeps in doorways and fingerprints windows. full monocular, wide eyes. one gutter drenched lake of fallen leaves. one wave of black umbrellas. the sky swallows night atoms, and shivers to a hush gray. a static of blacks and blue veins on the backs of red shrub.

the rains push her cheek to the back of your hand. hustle you off to a doorway. takes your eyelid. opens your wet hands.

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