Friday, October 1, 2010

An Open Letter to Attorney General Mike Cox

Dear Attorney General Mike Cox:

I am writing with great concern about the level of unprofessionalism from your office by your tolerance of Assistant Attorney General, Andrew Shirvell's recent actions. Your inability to censor his aggressive and hateful campaign toward college student, Chris Armstrong at the University of Michigan, is not only disappointing, but suggests that your office supports his agenda, whether it does or not.

As a Michigan taxpayer, I am very concerned that you consider this an issue of free speech. First, I would hope and expect that the Attorney General of a diverse Michigan, would understand the difference between free speech and hate speech. And secondly, I would expect that your office would uphold the legal premise of public servants conducting themselves in a professional and unbiased manner, which does not exception “private time” to the responsibilities of those servants to the taxpayers. We expect that public servants in your charge demonstrate service to the public, not promote hatred and hostility toward any of its citizens, particularly because of their sexual orientation.

I do not want my tax dollars going toward paying the salary of a bigot who even in your words is "immature" and is obviously ill equipped to handle the position of power with which he has been entrusted.

Thank you for your time.

francine j. harris
University of Michigan

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