Wednesday, March 3, 2010

(neon purple) the avoided alley and other tags.

there's a graffiti alley/permission space in ann arbor that i've sort of avoided since i moved here. it's hard to explain why. didn't want to do the tourist thing i guess as long as i felt like a tourist. plus, i guess i just didn't think i'd like it, to be honest. or maybe i thought i'd be mad at it. i get mad at weird things here. sometimes i get mad at the tree lights along liberty. but you know...different story.
it's not clarion alley, but it's pretty cool for what it is. i think the part that makes me the most happy is that you can cut through it to the other side. i like shortcuts. and i like colorful stuff, so there ya go.

i was happy to see a good amount of color in the alley, and some care paid to the artwork instead of a bunch of crappy tags. i'll probably go back and get some more shots, just to flesh out this frame.

oh, and i'm throwing in some other ann arbor graffiti, not from the alley, just because i have it in my camera and kinda' dig it. i do like photographing graffiti 'cause it's a wordy way of documenting walks you go on, and who says "hi" to you as you pass.

i think this one is my favorite (my friend turned it into installation which is better)

i feel like it's hard to get good color with this digital camera. but maybe i should read my manual (i keep saying that)

although apparently i'm good at orange....


 *** end of alley***

this is from a train bridge overpass.


 under the bridge. i feel like i'm just practising my color palette. some part of me hopes a bunch of little montessori kids did this....


this is easy. from along the railroad tracks.


nearby park...i forget the name of it, but i could show you....


along a different part of the railroad

and finally ... just cutesy:

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