Sunday, February 28, 2010

(black yarn) my mother taught me how to darn my socks...

you start with a light bulb. stick it in the sock under the hole, so that when you mend it, you retain the shape of the sock.

you can either use a piece of fabric like on the purple socks, or you can just stitch across the hole like on the black and white one (hard to see? good, that's a good stitch).

use thin yarn about 1/4 inch thick that looks too thin to knit with.

and then stitch.
                for awhile. watch a movie or something...

so why am i telling you this?
because there are certain things you can do, certain ways you can sit and busy yourself in the same way you learned from them, that will keep people with you.
figure out something someone you love knows how to do. some little thing that keeps their hands busy. learn it from them and do it with them.
it's best if the end product looks kinda' nuts, like how my mom's socks used to look. something almost like these...

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Thinking Dude. said...

This is really instructional, reminds me of your alter piece. maybe this your style.