Wednesday, January 6, 2010

(rabbit) magic trick

it's a belated happy new year. but that's ok. today was the first day of classes, and i have to admit it was not a bad idea, how much rest i got in between these chunks of time. when i opened the door to the gray and cold and snow, it was like a winter corsage folded into my book spine.

i remembered that it is a good idea to get out of the house, stop holing up, which i feel like is easy to do in this town. i shared my sesame chicken and read at the bookstore until it got late enough to strike back out on the trail back to the house.

still not done with this paper. but closer. i read eliot's essay on vers libre at border's. it felt like something a grumpy teenager would write in between sticking gum on the back of someone's neck and ripping out their baby hair with it in between cranky hyphens and periods.

but what i think i learned from it is that what we're writing - free verse - doesn't actually exist at all. according to eliot, since free verse, or vers libre - i'm still trying to understand the difference - is defined by a set of negative parameters (verse that's not rhymed, not metered, etc.) then it actually doesn't exist, since nothing with only characteristics of negation can actually exist. hmmm.

all this time, i've been writing - nothing. we all have.

how cool.

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