Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(blue stone) Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - computer gliches

lately, i've been thinking the worst impetus to our intellectual aspirations are computers. more specifically, multi-functional, hardwired-internet ready, portable, pullable, pushable, wearable, kissable, doable, robotniks with pretty skins, smooth hairs, soft backed, pull-to-me-closer-digitally boned dummies.

Or maybe, to be fair, and even more specific, I've been thinking that computers are my impetus. That the level of distraction I experience on a daily basis is compounded by the flashing, beeping and blinging and blinking piece of machinery by my picture window, which pulses with its blue, blue strobe and which the cat nuzzles up to when i am unavailable. so i'm been thinking lately, that I'm sort of .... doing myself in with it.

And died. The whole thing, just whistled down into its own muck pile and died. Blue pulse still beating, so I know it's not brain dead, but wouldn't speak, wouldn't touch me to speak...just sort of squoze my proverbial finger when i asked if it was still alive..

So off it goes, with its corrupted motherboard (was the preliminary diagnosis), back to the dummy factory, to be rewired and recircuited with all its faceplates and gamezone chips and nifty speakers and dangling USB limbable sockets.

Which will take several weeks, they say, even under warranty. But for which, I must say, I think I"m grateful, to be released from my ball and binary half.

Besides, working in computing commons centers has a certain charm. But that's tomorrow's entry.


Anonymous said...

Hola Francine,

Happy to see you're still crafting your craft. How is the U of M treating you?

Enquiring Canadian minds want to know. Take care, Rob

francine said...

Hello Canadian Rob. Not to be confused with my San Franciscan Rob? More detail please, I love old connections.

U of M is a land of great resources. There's alot of resources here and it's nice to be in a position where the things you need are there for you, and then some.

Tell Canada hi for me. Give her a big squeeze.

Anonymous said...


I have left you a fuller though still rather part-time response at each of the two e-mail addresses I have for you.

Hoping to hear back from you concerning all that is taking place in the Great Lakes State. Speaking of which, I was looking for a book titled American Salvage by a Michiganite whose name currently evades capture by the necessary lobes. Take care, RB