Tuesday, December 22, 2009

academic offerings

i have decided to attempt a rather risky journal session during the remaining two years of my graduate school experience. i expect that in this process, i will consistently risk playing the fool in my own drama, and that's ok. i have the need to keep this outlet alive and this seems the best way to go about it. i will try in my best endeavor to journal here as close to something daily as possible.

i also realize that some of what i write in this blog may involve close-to-the-quick scenarios, but i will make large efforts to be diplomatic and respectful, of my colleagues instructors and my program, as it is merely my intention - to offer a portrait - of what graduate school looks like for me, a girl from the east side of detroit, among other descriptions i or others might give me.

my first post will be something of a summation, and though i am currently at recess, i will start the blog as of this writing, and continue it in to the school year.

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