Sunday, September 20, 2009

new town - new name?

well. i'm not entirely sure if i ought to change the title of my blog now. somehow reports from ann arbor just doesn't feel right.

at the same time, i'd feel like a bit of hypocrite to leave it. so i'm in a quandry. what do you all think?

now that i'm going to school in ann arbor, am i die hard detroit enough to keep that title. i mean if you want to count birthplace, then i guess i've always been a hypocrite, considering i was born in a little town for psychiatric care that no longer exists.

but for sure, detroit is still all in me. everytime i turn a corner and see yet another coffee shop, book shop, shoe shop, i'm painfully reminded what people don't come to detroit for. the hockey game, or some band at the state being among the top reasons i hear people talking about going into my hometown.

i knew coming in that i didn't want to talk about detroit with people here. i don't want to hear anyone's take on my town. not now. not yet. if i hear that rhetorical "wow, i bet you're glad to be here!" from anyone else here, i might get all weird.

but what else to expect? there's no american apparel on woodward, the border's is always threatening to close (if it's not gone already). i wonder when we started judging a place by what we can buy in it.
because in some ways, that's the best ann arbor seems to offer just right now. lots of stuff to buy. this is what they call a livable town. i'm not saying i'm not enjoying it here. i love school, i've met some really good people, and there's lots of shady trees and crickets.

but i'm stuck in that post-relationship mode of comparing one with the other. and even though i broke up with detroit, my new lover is suffering my nostalgic wrath for a certain intensity.


ScryptKeeper said...

but ... isn't Detroit a state of mind?
(not just a state of emergency ... okay, u had that one coming for all of the A2 haterations ;-))

I vote: keep it! Detroit, like groove, is in the heart.

francine said...

it's cool. lol. of course, you just proved my point, though.

good lookin'. ;)