Sunday, January 11, 2009

snow again.

i really get defensive about the snow. i don't like people talking bad about it. we live in the midwest, between oceans. i believe some of us have forgotten what that means about our seasons - and our planet.

remember the great lakes?

we are supposed to be the great basin where water swirls and culls and gathers. we are supposed to sit and funnel so the melt can go bleed out into the mass of water. this is where we amass. we are faceless flutter and we are supposed to sit here under little snowy hourglasses: and tick ticking. and the snow piling, like the rain slushing down, and this is how it should be. it's where we live.

the rain, the snow, the sleet, the hail. it's like the post office. delivers water, no matter the weather.

eventually, we leak out into the soil, into the seas. but for now, we just gather. and slush. and fill crevices, and gather. we are, if you like, a congregation of water.


and yes, i know it's hard to drive around through a funnel. all pushed up in the middle of the road, and bad gutters, and no salt. i know. and yes, i know it's too quiet in the middle of a gathering of mush, all cold, can't hang out at campus martius.

i know. i know.
but i believe there is something to what people verbalize in those castoff wishes. i think there is something to the things we speak out loud. "i wish it would stop snowing." "i wish it would go away". well....

it is going away. more and more every year. and that's not a good thing. we are supposed to have more snow than this. it's supposed to much worse. our lakes are supposed to be fuller. our soil is supposed to be wetter.

it's winter. so let's get zin about this shit.

it is time, my friends. to close your eyes and hold your breath. it's time to spend the morning drawing. make cocoa. and when you have to go out, support your lakes. pull on your boots and pull on a smile.

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