Monday, December 15, 2008

looking for things

"if you go looking for something, you may not find anything, but if you go looking for anything, you'll definitely find something". - darryl zero - the zero effect

i found a cemetary today. this isn't it. but it reminds me of it.

there is something to be said for privacy. i'm thinking if i put up the name of the cemetary, then it gets to be a thing. it might become a thing. and i don't want a thing... then, of course, i think...
who cares, francine? no one reads this crap anyway. then i think...

is there such a thing as public privacy, that isn't malintended? should i put a hook in here and say - maybe i'll say the name of the place i bumped on ... eventually?

anyway, i liked the place. the way you like a boy. or like an old guy sitting at the busstop. the way you find some ugly little restaurant and want to cry, how it makes you feel. i wanted to sit down and stay for a long time. and then, i wanted to leave right away, so i could come back later. oh, and apparently, it's haunted. i didn't know that at the time.

but that's fine. so i looked up haunted cemetaries in michigan. apparently, there are a bunch. my mother's is one of them i guess, which for some reason i find comforting.

there's a cemetary in alaska i want to visit. they grow plants out of the graves and make huge craft sculptures on the headstones. i think they hold parades for funerals.

i like cemetaries with fetish. where you can decorate the place. like a living room. this cemetary today ... there was a headstone propped against a tree. there were benches. and a mud puddle that damn near swallowed my car.
anyway as for haunted cemetaries: if you want to go find a cemetary where you can have your very own personal ghost, here's a link:

have fun!

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Phyrecracker said...

i found a cemetery the other day too. apparently it is also haunted. the stream running through it was once a river. once the river running through it went crimson with the blood of Indians during a famous colonial battle. i wonder if it was the same cemetery.