Tuesday, September 16, 2008


is close to october. is a pigeon in a headlock. september has a bad cold. a sore throat.

september can't decide whether or not to keep the windows open. is all drafty, bare wood. september arrests millipedes in cans of kitchen grease. september has no etiquette, sneezes in your neck. breaks the lock to get in.

september is a flood of glass under your balding tires. backed up gutter. the throat of tar around manholes covers, can't dry out.

september and its spare change. september and its murderous crows. september, and construction on the highway.

september is a reindeer on cold cereal. bloated cans of progresso. mulch. bloody mouthed month, hold your fanfare. cold, matriculating savant. in and out monster. what a door man.

by the way, i'm keeping your leaves. you can have them back at the end of the semester.

you're pretty bold, for such a hot cough.

i don't love you at all. but we're neighbors. and this is a community of rodents.

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