Sunday, August 31, 2008

forgive us these trespasses...

forgive cornel west. for he is but a scholar, master of words. please endow him with multiple uses of martin luther king's name, so that he may not be so punchdrunk ready to criticize obama for not using it. midnight book toker. it is not that he knows not what he does. he knows not the big picture. he is a race man. race men (and women) will often betray their people.

forgive george bush. he's almost done anyway.

forgive john mccain. his wife is not a cunt.

forgive sarah palin. she has to get where she needs to get anyway possible, even if it means running under a cunt.

forgive tavis smiley. he makes a good point. we should hear more talk about poverty from the man who will be our president. but forgive him for being so punchdrunk ready to host an entire show with a panel of black scholars criticizing our coming president, when the best thing a panel who purports to support a candidate can do is support him.

forgive the extreme sides of our political spectrum. they are too tied to their inner fascists to understand that obama is the best thing this country has had going for it, since any of us can remember. they prefer to keep their heads in cans of insular rules and demands for every imaginable tenet, rather than understand that the leader of the country must be representative of cooperation of the people. he cannot represent every point of view, and by definition of his role, must be moderate. let them see how they can promote their agendas best through a leader of the country who is truly willing to listen to any argument that will benefit the people. let them also understand the considerations of our country's reach beyond our own border and recognize that a man like obama will best empower the rest of us to broaden and expand our concerns for the rest of the planet.

forgive the hurricanes. they are nothing but energy, spitting out all that we consume. pet their manes. kiss their eyes. let them kill less.

forgive those who will not vote in november. while it's certainly true the two party system is a dinosaur and the electoral college is nothing short of capitalist vanguard, it is actually more damaging to not vote, than to vote inside our broken system.

forgive our broken system, we are all chewing after scraps.

hear our prayers. pray with us.


Anonymous said...

oh lawd-n-tayla! francince, you done prayed da prayer what was needed to be prayed! let da church (or at least one of its members, that being me LMB) says, "AMEN!!!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.