Thursday, May 22, 2008

i keep wanting to write about traverse city, but it keeps coming out boy crazy. so so be it.

he liked my glitter.

we talked at a cafe and i didn't pursue it. he was tall and terribly marine like. his eyes were for fireplaces and his skin was for snow.

i am learning the art of leaving things to the imagination.

so in my traverse city diaries (which i write psychically once a week or so), we skin something by an ice fire in lake effect snow. he shows me a picture of a childhood friend he has tucked into a hooded coat. he says her name like he says his own and beyond that we don't talk much.

just the crack of the fire. the fish


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Myron Michael said...

it bees like that some times:) everytime i want to write about a song, i write about a girl. craziness!