Monday, May 19, 2008

after flower day

the mania of sifting through the market is easier at 4:45. you go when everyone is done. the vendors are packing up and giving stuff away.
if it starts raining the grumpy arguments turn into soggy surrender.

no one really gets upset if you only want one orange. they're happy about whatever you buy.

yesterday was flower day at eastern market. hundreds of vats of begonias, marigolds, lilac, wildflower got hoisted off. dozens of ivy and vinca vines. tons of ferns.

they all left in the trunks of people's cars, or wet up the backseats.

me and stray flowers were left. in the spitting down rain. at the end of a melancholy weekend filled with unavoidable fussing with people i love. incurable distance.

sometimes i wish i could just shut up and turn into monkeyflower

strewing the asphalt

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