Thursday, March 27, 2008

the lunar eclipse - life afterward

i've decided the last moon was wretched. it has destroyed potential sex. the continuity of friendships. the chance to live unsuicidally. thinness. skin. semitrucks. the smell of underarms. the cat's favorite scratching area. clean wood floors. the taste of licorice. certain baristas' ability to make a good americano. certain computer interfacing. various websites. a rose quartz necklace. travel. corneas. distance. potential direction. milk before the expiration date. moving vans that were not designed to move with. relationships. horoscopes. salt supplies. mothers' and fathers' health. memories as they were intended to be preserved. the smell of neighbors. the smell of liquor. the taste of anything french. sustained enemies. directions from televisions are coming. sunglasses. atlanta. san francisco. the mystery behind franks. the taste of urn ashes. potential train rides. hairballs. the image of my breasts. the memory of catfish. a healthy disinterest in former weddings. the allusion to vows. allegories. all kinds of poems. garbage cans position in parking lots. available parking spaces. the smell of peaches. salads on fastfood menus. drunks in parking lots.

wretched. wretched moon.

feel free to add more.

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soucouyant said...

dearest franny, i am not so sure i miss the smell of neighbors, though perhaps i might, eventually...keep blogging.