Friday, March 11, 2016

I Need to Be Careful Not to Let Trump Ruin my Community

Walked out of my mechanic's shop this afternoon and probably won't go back because they were watching the rally here in St. Louis and which I wanted to protest except all of a sudden my window goes down and won't go back up and I need to get it fixed, and maybe then I'll go, but then I go to the spot and they're all in there with the rally loud and that guys' voice (not saying anything, as usual, at all - just yelling nonsense) and they're in the front office making comments about how dude paid for the space, he got a right to throw out the protesters and they should go outside if they don't like it and defending the way they get treated. So I sit still for a minute, but then I can't sit still anymore and I'm like "Are you seriously defending this man?" and they are like "This is America"

I mean I'm sitting right here. And we're in St. Louis, and you're defending the way he treats protesters. For real?

Video of Trump Arguing for Brutality to Protestors: We Need a Little Bit More of That

"Vote" the mechanic says loud to me, looking both defensive and sheepish "we're gonna vote." As if that makes it right. Let's say we elect him and 'the people' decide to put him office. What then. How dangerous. To defend him.

And I say but he's hateful, he's the most hateful thing we can do right now. And I say in fact I don't even want to listen to his voice, can you turn it down? (Because how do I sit here for the next hour and listen to them rally around this rally. Even though I'm listening to it on my headphones.)

And then he says, with more confidence. "This is my house. My house. If you don't like it, you can step outside" and I'm like "Yeah and I'm your customer and that's hate and you're defending it and I'm sitting right here."

So I left. And on the way out, the soft spoken woman who owns the place and is the whole reason I went there (a woman owned auto shop...what???) says to me "I'm so sorry, francine" but then when I say "But he knew I was here" and she says "Well I really don't think anything here was disrespectful." which I guess she would say - if they think the protesters are the disrespectful ones. Cause one, any money that dude spent on that space is not his money and he lying about that, and two, why are y'all arguing about property limits when we at risk of putting a fascist in office. And he's running for president, why you think he deserves some fence to ward off the vigor of the public sentiment.

And three, I'm just not down for any shit right now where women are apologizing for and/then/or defending men right now. Just not feeling it.

Whose house it is is a conversation that is about to get really real. This not your house, Trump. Not your house.

And now I need another mechanic, prolly. Though some little part of me wants to call, cause it's a relationship. But I feel like she should call me. Cause it's a relationship. But then what is there to say really, far as I knew she owns the shop, or at least part owned it, but she let the mechanic tell me this his house. Ok. Whatevs.

Now I go to the dealer and they got a nice lobby and innocuous music on the radio and they say ma'am and whatever but it's in the suburbs and I'm looking around thinking but for real who's voting for him? But I'm like well, shit they ain't have a place for me to wait really anyway, to get coffee or eat and work while I wait. But if I go to dealer, there's a place to sit and work down the street with espresso and I'm thinking this kinda' some bullshit. Something just upended something very local and real and replaced it with a starbuck's logo on a cup and wifi.

And I'm realizing, I like the rest of the country just bought - literally - racism that isn't on the surface, that I don't have to deal with. Some little part of me is grateful something is pushing it to the surface, forcing us to deal. I'm still not trying to listen to Trump while I'm waiting on my car. But I already miss my mechanic.

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